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Brian Abrahamson is a husband, father, and caregiver. Brian was a Dean List Student, and graduated with a Business Admission Degree, at National American University. He is a trusted leader in his community, and is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities, and veterans. 
As a Political Candidate since 2016, Brian Abrahamson is here to pave the way to change in the lives of our families. Here you will find everything you need to know about Brian Abrahamson, how they got their start in politics, as well as issues they are deeply concerned with, and how you too can join their cause.  Brian believes that even though we won’t see eye to eye on every issue, we are in this together. 

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Get Ready to Vote November 8, 2022

Brian Abrahamson is a 3rd Party candidate for Congress. Running as a Grassroots Legalize Cannabis Party candidate, he will give a voice to progressive issues such as cannabis legalization, Medicare for All, tuition free education, tuition forgiveness, environmental initiatives, farming, tax cuts for the middle class, saving social security, no more wars, and fixing our crumbling infrastructure.  Brian believes in the second amendment, and believes in gun safety over gun control. Brian is also a Pro Choice candidate, and will support a woman’s right to choose clean healthcare options.  Banning abortions will not stop abortions, and it would be too extreme for Minnesota. 
Brian Abrahamson was inspired to run for Minnesota State Senate in 2016, by Bernie Sanders. He was a volunteer for him, and believed in his issues, and words of wisdom. Even though Brian was in the DFL, in 2016, he held consistent with progressive issues, even when the democrats didn’t believe in those issues. We need a true independent mind, not representatives that vote only party lines.  Brian will stand with the people of Minnesota, and listen to their needs. 

Brian is an inspiration to thousands. His 200 lbs weight loss was legendary, and he strives to highlight the pillars of his campaign, and his life: #dedication #determination #consistency. 

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